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A powerful transport combination

Van Eijck Transport & Logistics

Eric van Eijck is an established name in the transport world, traditionally known for its vision on quality and flexibility.
International transport, such as daily Switzerland (for over 40 years) and a relatively small, but powerful organization with dedicated employees.

PVE Transport

Pascalle van Eijck has been raised with the importance of the transport world. It took her too long to start her own business, but she’s done it now.
PVE provides national transport for various customers with its own drivers. It distinguishes itself through direct contact and clear, reliable agreements.

This combination
has it all


An all-round transport company that is at home everywhere in Europe. In Switzerland for more than 40 years. International transport requires experience, knowledge and, above all, reliable personnel. Van Eijck has all that and can boast of a particularly good reputation in the transport world. Whatever your question, Van Eijck has or is looking for the answer.


Production is ready on time, your order is ready. It would cost you lots of money or endanger a relationship if your order is not delivered on time at the unloading address.
We take care of it.
Your goods delivered to your customers on time. At the agreed time. With the right forms. In good condition. Anywhere in the Netherlands.

Refrigerated transport

With the keywords TIME and FRESH we take into account

  • the composition of the loads
  • packing method and securing of the load (-25°/ +25°C)
  • the situation at the loading/unloading locations
  • optimal and registered cooling during transport

and of course the delivery time.


Naturally we take care of the complete transport planning and complete administrative handling of import and export shipments.


Due to our compact size, we consult and plan directly with you or your employees. We are in constant contact with our driver, so we can switch quickly.
Do you need to pick up something along the way? Or can we take goods with us on the way back? We fit, measure and take care of it. We transport everything we can transport.

Our promises

    • reliable delivery
    • administration and waybills in order down to the last detail
    • the best rate thanks to smart and efficient planning
    • own transport, own employees
    • available 24/7

The people

Eric van Eijck

Eric van Eijck started his transport company more than 40 years ago. With his credo ‘no compromises’ he has built a strong organization with dedicated and reliable employees.

Van Eijck offers a complete service, exactly according to the wishes of its customers, who make grateful use of his knowledge and experience. He can now boast a particularly good reputation in the European transport world.
His daughter, Pascalle, shares the same standards and values ​​and is therefore able to continue the business successfully. Continuity is guaranteed.

Pascalle van Eijck

The love for transport is in my genes.
The ‘old school mentality’ is ingrained: hard work, no splashes.

Just as I learned the trade from my parents, I also shape my own company.
Dealing well with your people, your equipment and devising solutions for the customer. Always.

That’s how we do it.



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